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Steve Marion, P.E., Founder, & CEO
Steve Marion, P.E., Founder, & CEOext. 100
Richard Musler, P.E.
Richard Musler, P.E.ext. 119
David Maxwell, P.L.S.
David Maxwell, P.L.S.ext. 106
Debbie Stosz
Debbie Stoszext. 103
Matt Fogarty
Matt Fogartyext. 102
Dennis Shryock
Dennis Shryockext. 104
Christine Riecke
Christine Rieckeext. 110
Jim Exler, LSIT
Jim Exler, LSIText. 120
Ross Henson, Architect
Ross Henson, Architectext. 108
Justin Winters
Justin Wintersext. 113
Erik Stosz
Erik Stoszext. 114
April Jones
April Jonesext. 107
Chawn Stich
Chawn Stichext. 115


We live by a can-do attitude at all times. We strive for excellent service in all aspects of our jobs. We define service excellence as high quality, complete, timely, and cost-efficient. We know, and we want our clients to know, that each project is as important to us as it is to them.